8 Reasons to Call ART Now (505) 237-2278

1. Immediate in-person response to your alarm:

When your alarm goes off WE RESPOND IN-PERSON (while other alarm companies call you, or your family, friends, and neighbors!)

2. Only ART can “do it all” — install and service your burglar alarm, UL alarm monitoring, AND RESPOND IN-PERSON to your alarm

3. Staffed by veteran APD officers with at least 20 years of experience — trained, seamless coordination with police; “totally different league” than typical security guard

4. No false alarm fines — guaranteed

5. Free security evaluation seen through the eyes of experienced advisers, drawing on deep police experience.

6. Surprisingly affordable — for little more than you would be paying for monitoring alone!

7. Discount on your home or business insurance — typically from 10% to 20%

8. Safety and Peace-of-mind — most complete security service for your home or business