Caught in the Act: Four Tips For Vacationing Homeowners

Our officers recently caught a burglar in the act of breaking into the home one of your fellow ART clients while they were on vacation. The alarm system did its job, and we corralled one of the criminals. Our officers on scene notified APD to come and complete the arrest.

Then the unexpected happened. While holding the intruder, we bumped into a well-meaning neighbor coming out of the house! She heard the alarm system siren, knew the neighbors were away, and came to investigate. She was being a Good Samaritan, but could have gone from witness to victim. The criminal’s partner might still have been inside.

Everything turned out okay, and this neighbor will be a great witness for the prosecution when the case goes to trial. Ensure that your neighbors are great witnesses, not unfortunate victims, by following these tips:

  1. Do tell your neighbors when you’ll be gone for vacation. But tell them to stay outside if the alarm is going off.
  2. Instead, they should become excellent witnesses by making notes of everything they see. They should write down plate numbers of suspicious vehicles, too.
  3. While on vacation, have neighbors pick up mail, newspapers, packages and flyers, put out your trash on trash day and return the empty barrels. Piles of papers and languishing garbage cans signal an empty house.
  4. Don’t broadcast on your voice mail or social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that you’re out of town. Save the photo uploading for after your return. Thieves call telephone numbers and look at social media posts to target homes that will be vacant.

On top of everything else, install and use a security system that promises an immediate, armed, in person response to alarms – with no false alarm fines and no long-term contracts. You’ll increase your peace of mind, and you will save on your homeowner’s insurance, too. Call us at (505) 237-2278 or email Armed Response Team for a free, no obligation, in-home security assessment today.

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