Aggressive Doorknockers in Albuquerque

We told you last month about the latest scam of salespeople coming to your door claiming to be there to upgrade your security system. We had a client recently report that these doorknocker tactics are becoming more aggressive. When the client told the salespeople to leave, they began throwing rocks at the house. The customer was frightened – and rightfully so. These doorknockers often intimidate customers, making them feel unsafe.

Armed Response Team NEVER uses door-to-door tactics and won’t show up without an appointment. And we don’t use scare tactics to market our services.

If anyone shows up at your door be alert, aware and cautious. Follow these tips to avoid being scammed.

  • Never open the door to a stranger. If you do, don’t take the next step and invite the visitor to step inside. If you want to talk with them, do it outside your front door and then they can’t see what you have inside.
  • Ask for credentials, an ID badge or business card. Then contact the company to verify that the person really works for them.
  • Do not give out any personal account information. If the salesperson is legitimate, they’ll already have it. Never sign a document that you have not carefully reviewed.
  • Unless you have been notified otherwise, be suspicious of random doorknockers claiming to be “affiliated with ART.” Doorknockers may claim their company has bought ART in order to get you contracted with their company. They have not.
  • Take note of unmarked vehicles without decals of the company they claim to work for.
  • ART schedules all appointments with prospective and current clients – be suspicious of random doorknockers who claim to work for ART.

If tactics by a salesperson are aggressive, uncomfortable, or frightening – call law enforcement immediately at 242-COPS (2677). Then call us at 237-2278 to let us know, too. And learn more about ART at

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