Business Burglar Alarm Service

Having a conventional monitored burglar alarm system — without the guarantee of an immediate in-person response — is almost worthless!

Click on the links for more information, and see below for all the reasons we are completely different from “conventional alarm monitoring” companies.

“Stake-Out System” (SOS) – for protecting outdoor yards with high value inventory or equipment

The Armed Response Team now has a solution for protecting outdoor yards with high value inventory or equipment.

Our “SOS” system combines a state-of the-art “video analytic” camera system with 24×7 monitoring and immediate armed response.

How does it work? The SOS cameras are programmed to highlight and immediately notify us of any intrusion in the designated area. Our monitoring center observes the images from our camera’s, assesses the nature of the intrusion, and immediately dispatches an ART officer.

Why SOS is better than CCTV or other video solutions? SOS is superior because it solves the real problem:  detecting intruders–as they enter your site–and sending real-time pictures for verification and immediate dispatch by our Monitoring Center.

How is SOS different?

  1. SOS doesn’t look like a CCTV system. CCTV cameras look, well, like CCTV cameras: this makes them targets for mischief and damage.  SOS is not so obvious, and is less likely to be noticed by any intruders.
  2. SOS doesn’t operate like a CCTV system. Our New Mexico heat/dust/wind/rain/snow wreak havoc with other video systems, resulting in “false alerts” which put you at risk.  SOS technology was developed by one of the world’s leading security organizations for use in challenging  outdoor conditions we see in New Mexico.
  3. CCTV systems don’t detect anything – they merely passively record “events”which won’t prevent the crime from being committed.  In contrast, SOS provides real-time detection and instant visual notification to our Monitoring and Dispatch Center for action as the event is happening.
  4. No one is watching your CCTV system during off-hours.  Protecting your property requires instant verification of intruders for immediate armed dispatch.  SOS transmits real-time intruder images to us.  In other words, thieves quickly learn that we’re always watching and we respond with our officers – RIGHT NOW!

Outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Detection

The Armed Response Team has created a service specifically designed for contractors who want to stop job site theft and vandalism right now.

We protect your building, inventory and equipment by combining state-of-the-art detection systems with our immediate in-person armed response service.

ART’s approach has numerous advantages over typical standing guard or “drive-by patrol” approaches: our system never sleeps, is in multiple places at the same time and can’t get hurt on the job!
Please talk to us before spending $5,000+ per month on a standing guard or $1,000+ per month on a patrol service. We can both improve your security and save you money.

Security Assessment

Our service starts with a free, no obligation security assessment by one of ART’s Security Advisors. Your Security Advisor is trained to see your home or business “through the eyes of the bad guys.” Drawing on years of police experience and crime scene investigation, they will work with you to understand the security vulnerabilities of your home or business, and develop a proposal that will fit your needs and budget.

Please don’t become another crime statistic — like this actual call from a homeowner asking for help:

“When my alarm went off at 3:00 am I got the call and drove down to my business. I got there before the police and saw the intruders running away. That’s the last time I’ll respond to my own alarm!”

Armed Response Service

The Armed Response Team provides an immediate armed response for businesses and homeowners. When your burglar alarm goes off, our monitoring center dispatches one of our highly-trained veteran police officers.

Our officer personally inspects the entire perimeter of your business. If an intrusion has occurred, our officer secures the premises, calls the police, and detains any suspects until the police arrive.

After our officer finishes inspecting your premises, he calls our alarm monitoring station to tell them the area is now secured. Our officer then completes a full incident report and emails it to our customer.

Our service eliminates the need for you to get up in the middle of the night to check your alarm — and the liability and danger of having a family member, neighbor or employee respond to your alarm.


Alarm Monitoring

The Armed Response Team includes professional alarm monitoring as part of our service. We are the ONLY company that can guarantee you’ll get an immediate in-person armed response to all your burglar alarms and you’ll never get fined for a false alarm.

The Armed Response Team Monitoring Center watches for signals from your alarm system 24/7 and then radio dispatches one of our veteran police officers to immediately respond to your home or business location.

Alarm System Installation, Conversion and Maintenance

The Armed Response Team uses our own licensed, bonded, and experienced technicians to install and service both residential and commercial alarm systems.  We never use sub-contractors.

If you have an existing alarm system, we will utilize as much of your current system as possible. With existing alarms, we can often simply reprogram the system and immediately connect in to our monitoring station.

If you don’t have an existing or functional alarm system, we will recommend and quote a system during our security assessment of your home or business.

We install and service most major brands of equipment. Here is a partial list of our capabilities:

  • Burglar alarms – including smoke, fire and emergency (panic, medical) signals.
  • Access controls systems
  • Video monitoring
  • Outdoor perimeter intrusion detection