As Copper Prices Decrease, Will Copper Theft Decrease As Well?

Copper thieves may not have a business anymore with the decrease in price for copper. Does that mean a safer community? ART explains.

Copper thieves may not have a business anymore with the decrease in price for copper. Does that mean a safer community? ART explains.

According to The Street’s John Nyaradi, copper prices are on the decline! But why is this important to you?  When copper prices began rising a few years ago, so did copper related property crime .   Nyaradi stated that not only is copper on the decline, but it is really losing steam,”

“Copper has been in a steady downtrend since the beginning of 2014 and is currently trading below both its 50-day moving average and 2.33% below its 200- day moving average.Copper demand is driven, in large part, by emerging market economies, which are undergoing expansive construction and               industrialization. More importantly, China’s demand for copper has become extremely significant. Many economists are of the opinion that copper prices are          being adversely impacted by weakness in China’s yuan. A weaker yuan discourages Chinese manufacturers from importing copper (as well as other materials) because of the increased expense.”

With this important news, you may wonder how this effects you, the consumer. When copper prices began to rise, we saw a huge increase in copper related property crime.  Thieves would take the precious metal and recycle it for cold hard cash.  But now, thieves may have to find another way to pay for their habits.  With a sharp decline in copper prices, can we expect a decline in copper related crime?  We believe so.

See more on copper here: “What do Treasuries and Copper Know that Equities don’t?” -The Street


6 tips for smartphone privacy and security

If you’re attached to your smartphone, it is almost impossible to stay “secure.” But these 6 tips will surely help you stay more secure on your smartphone.


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Armed Response Team:

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warning when at a gas station or store parking lot

Be careful at gas stations & parking lots, specifically from individuals giving free key rings with device chip.

There is a syndicate of criminals in the Albuquerque area presenting themselves as sales promoters who are giving away free key rings at gas stations and parking lots. The key ring has a tracking device chip which allows the criminals to track and follow you. Please, please don’t accept them. They select their seemingly well-to-do potential victims and if you accept, you might become a victim of their tricks. The key holders are very beautiful and hard to resist accepting; but remember, you may end up paying more than the cost of a key holder, including the risk to your life. If they hand you one, please throw it in the trash or on the ground.  Don’t take it with you.  Please advise your family members, email contacts, and friends as well.

Stay Safe On Black Friday

Holiday theftIn two days, the national day of shopping arrives. For some retailers, Black Friday even begins on Thanksgiving night. The holiday shopping season is a great time for rushing to and fro. But another element watching for opportunity to purloin your packages.

Whether or not you’ll be one of one of the thousands searching for bargains, here are some quick tips to keep you, your vehicle and your packages safe from the sticky fingers of holiday Grinches.

  • Even though you are rushed and thinking about a thousand other things, stay alert to your surroundings.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. If you must, keep cash in your front pocket. Pay for purchases with a check or credit card when possible.
  • Notify the credit card issuer immediately if your credit card is lost, stolen or misused. Keep a record of all of your credit card numbers in a safe place at home.
  • Avoid overloading yourself with packages. It is important to have clear visibility and freedom of motion to avoid mishaps.
  • Put your packages in the trunk of your car. No one wants to return from shopping to find car windows smashed and their presents stolen.
  • Wallet and purse are prime targets of criminals in crowded shopping areas, transportation terminals, bus stops, on buses and other rapid transit. Pay attention.
  • Stolen purses can mean stolen house and car keys. Use separate car and house keys rings. Don’t put your keys in your purse – use a pocket. Never keep your garage door opener on your key ring, either.
  • Use a lockout code on your cell phone. Cell phone theft is way up, and thieves have figured out how to deactivate the GPS locators so you/your cell company can’t find it.

Finally, beware of strangers approaching you for any reason. At this time of year, con artists may try to distract you with the intention of taking your money or belongings. This includes those pesky door-to-door solicitors. So it bears repeating that, with it getting darker earlier (thanks time change), DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR unless you know who is on the other side.

Don’t let the Grinches steal your holiday. Stay safe, from all of us at Armed Response Team.

Making Business Better in New Mexico

Gov. Susana Martinez & ART CEO Dave Meurer April 2012

Gov. Susana Martinez & ART CEO Dave Meurer at the April 2012 meeting of the NM Small Business Assistance Program. Dave’s an advisor in the program.

For several years, Armed Response Team has tapped the expert advice of the smart people at our state’s national laboratories and universities through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) program. This program encourages small, local businesses to call upon the technical and business expertise of the brain trust at these institutions at no cost.

Specifically, ART wanted advice about new technology for outdoor perimeter protection and video analytics systems. These systems use video to detect an intruder and eliminate false positives that cause security systems to trip – everything from tumbleweeds to animals to the infamous New Mexico winds.

In previous years, we’ve received assistance from Los Alamos National Laboratories and the Anderson School of Business at the University of New Mexico. This year, we tapped into the tremendous know-how of Dave Furgal, a scientist at Sandia National Labs. Furgal is responsible for vetting video analytics systems for federal installations. We were so fortunate to access his knowledge. He knows what works and doesn’t work, and in which circumstances. A small business like ART doesn’t have the resources to test all of these systems – Sandia does. Then they’re able to tell companies like ART which systems perform best under which conditions, enabling us to use only those products that have been proven to perform.

We’ve been fortunate to access the NMSBA program to benefit ART. We also give back to the program to make it more vibrant for all New Mexico businesses. Our CEO, Dave Meurer, has served on the NMSBA advisory council for three years. This council helps promote the program in the business community, gives a business perspective to program staff, and participates in larger projects where multiple companies band together for larger block of assistance. In fact, Dave was on the panel that reviews the applications for those larger assistance projects.

So if you or someone you know has a local business, encourage them to access the NMSBA. ART has benefited tremendously. You could, too.

Metal Theft Losses Frustrating NM Insurers

IIANM logoArmed Response Team CEO Dave Meurer recently gave a presentation to the Independent Insurance Agents of NM at their statewide convention. The topic was the massive increase in metal theft, and the resulting payout of claims by insurance companies.

The statistics were astounding, even to us, who keep tabs on this increasing problem. National numbers show an 81% increase in metal theft in just three years! Everyone in the room was frustrated with the problem, which hits companies,  the insurers and consumers where it hurts – their wallets.

Unfortunately, New Mexico ranks highly both in the number of claims per capita, but also ranks #3 in the number of questionable claims per capita. Questionable claims means that insurers believe the claim may contain some element of fraud. Add in the slow response of police times to even the highest priority calls (and security alarms are not the highest priority), and companies and insurers are facing a real problem.

Why was ART asked to talk to this group? Because we’ve figured out how to get out in front of this issue and prevent the theft before it happens. Not only did we talk about the several kinds of sensors on panels we install that detect motion and tie into an existing alarm system, we talked about the latest technology – Videofied. Videofied, as we’ve discussed before, is the cleanest system to install because it’s independent of your existing set up. Videofied gives the best level of insight because we actually see what’s occurring, while it’s happening, via a 10-second video clip sent to our monitoring station.

Our booth at the trade show that followed the IIANM presentation was hopping with key brokers and insurers continuing the discussion of how everyone could benefit from the latest in metal theft technology. Videofied was at the top of their to do list for sure.


Keep Burglars at Bay: Homeowner Safety Tips

door to doorWe were raised to answer the door politely when someone knocks or rings the bell. Often times, it’s someone with a clipboard asking for voter registration or to sign a petition for a cause. These volunteers, and their cousins, the door-to-door salespeople, are in our neighborhoods in full force now. It will only get worse as election season hits its stride.

For the most part, these doorknockers are legitimate. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people only want to gain access to your home to see what goodies you have. Your safety comes first when it comes to anyone who knocks on your door – whether they are legitimate canvassers, political volunteers, or sellers of products.

Here are some tips to keep you and your home safe during this increased door-to-door activity.

1-Don’t answer the door. You’re under no obligation to open your door to anyone. In fact, unless you’re expecting a delivery, simply keep the door shut.

2-If you must answer the door, step completely outside and close the door behind you. Never let anyone – a delivery person, volunteer or solicitor – inside your home. And try to keep them from looking inside, too. Stepping outside your home and closing the door behind you accomplishes this.

3-Write down what you see, especially if you see suspicious vehicles unloading crowds into your area. Make note of license plate numbers of suspicious vehicles, descriptions of individuals and what they are wearing.

4-Be aware of your neighborhood. See a strange car parked on your street? See tip #3. Is your neighbor’s garage door up at an unusual time of day, or when you know they are away? Call them to verify their activity.

5-Don’t be George Zimmerman, the Florida man now on trial for confronting someone he thought was suspicious. Instead, call police when you see out of place activity or people.

7-Call or email Armed Response Team for a free, no obligation, in-home security assessment today. On top of everything else, install and use a security system that promises an immediate, armed, in person response to alarms – with no false alarm fines and no long-term contracts. You’ll increase your peace of mind, and you will save on your homeowner’s insurance, too.

Copper Theft Leaves Businesses Hanging, People Hungry

The epidemic of copper theft in Albuquerque has reached new highs – or lows, depending on your perspective. And it’s not just the cost of the copper that businesses have to shell out to restore their power when thieves steal the copper wiring from power lines. It’s the cost of having your business shuttered while emergency crews race to restore your electricity.

Click the image to see the KOAT-TV story on how copper thieves struck a food pantry

KOB copper theft video capture

Click the image to see the KOB-TV story on how businesses lose out when copper thieves strike

Without power, businesses suffer, just like the ones in these recent news stories. Because these days, electricity powers lights, computers, cash registers and credit card machines, as well as telephone lines. It also, as the story on the left demonstrates, means hungry people are now without food.

Armed Response Team is starting a notification campaign to our commercial clients warning them of the dangers and costs of copper theft. We’re letting you know our officers have new methods to proactively detect attempts at copper theft before you are victimized. We have a number of methods we deploy to protect you, and they are all tied to our unique in-person response by an Armed Response Team officer.

Please don’t become another crime statistic. Call or email today for a free, no obligation security assessment by one of ART’s Security Advisors. Drawing on years of police experience and crime scene investigation, we know how crooks act, and we will give you great advice to stop them.

Facebook Post Results in Robbery

An innocent seeming Facebook post by a teenager resulted in her mother’s home being robbed. That’s what happened in Australia recently.

The girl snapped a photo of a large amount of cash she was helping her elderly grandmother count. Then shared it on Facebook. Then the crooks found her address and robbed her home.

Social media can be a great way to share information, photographs and fun times for all of us. But criminals have Facebook and Twitter accounts just like the hundreds of millions of law-abiding people do. And they pay attention for opportunities to take advantage of those who forget that social media is truly that – social. Just about anyone can see the photos and read the posts you make.

Here are some tips for safe use of social media, including Facebook and Twitter (click on the graphic to view).


Security System Scam Hitting Albuquerque Neighborhoods

Beware of anyone coming to your door claiming to be there to upgrade your security system. They aren’t. They may be trying to sell you a different company’s system. They disable your current system, and without you asking for a change, they sign you up for a long term contract with another company.  The excuse they use is, “we are just updating your contract.”

These scammers have used the following tactics to gain access to your home:

  •  They say, “I’m here from Honeywell (or some other company), representing Armed Response Team, to upgrade your system.”

The truth: We NEVER use door-to-door tactics and won’t show up without an appointment. Honeywell is just a manufacturer of equipment, and they don’t have any direct sales people.

  • They say, “The crime rate in your neighborhood is way up, so we’re offering special deals to you and your neighbors to upgrade your security system.”

The truth: Armed Response Team doesn’t use scare tactics to market our services. Instead, we use our former Albuquerque Police Department Officers’ years of experience in knowing how burglars act to recommend a full-coverage security plan to protect you and your home or business right from the beginning.

If anyone shows up at your door using these tactics, don’t let them in. Instead, report them to the Albuquerque Police Department by calling 242-COPS (2677). These individuals are up to no good. Then call us at 237-2278 to let us know, too. And learn more about ART at