Copper Theft Leaves Businesses Hanging, People Hungry

The epidemic of copper theft in Albuquerque has reached new highs – or lows, depending on your perspective. And it’s not just the cost of the copper that businesses have to shell out to restore their power when thieves steal the copper wiring from power lines. It’s the cost of having your business shuttered while emergency crews race to restore your electricity.

Click the image to see the KOAT-TV story on how copper thieves struck a food pantry

KOB copper theft video capture

Click the image to see the KOB-TV story on how businesses lose out when copper thieves strike

Without power, businesses suffer, just like the ones in these recent news stories. Because these days, electricity powers lights, computers, cash registers and credit card machines, as well as telephone lines. It also, as the story on the left demonstrates, means hungry people are now without food.

Armed Response Team is starting a notification campaign to our commercial clients warning them of the dangers and costs of copper theft. We’re letting you know our officers have new methods to proactively detect attempts at copper theft before you are victimized. We have a number of methods we deploy to protect you, and they are all tied to our unique in-person response by an Armed Response Team officer.

Please don’t become another crime statistic. Call or email today for a free, no obligation security assessment by one of ART’s Security Advisors. Drawing on years of police experience and crime scene investigation, we know how crooks act, and we will give you great advice to stop them.

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