Hyper-Aggressive Tactics: We Will Never Do This

Our previous posts, here and here, about aggressive door knocking salespeople have hit a nerve. A customer called us recently to tell Consumer alertus about how she was threatened by a salesman for a competing home security alarm company. His hyper-aggressive techniques, including threatening to shoot her Armed Response Team yard sign, had her shaken and afraid.

This is the season of increased door-to-door activity – political volunteers, legitimate canvassers, or sellers of products. Most are legitimate, well-meaning people who act professionally. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous companies want to bully you into signing up for more expensive, less comprehensive service than ART.

One of those companies, Pinnacle Security, LLC, has this warning about their activities in multiple states on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Better Business BureauNew home security companies spring up occasionally, too, adopting the same unethical, predatory tactics. Often, the players are the same, they’ve simply changed the name of the company from the one that was shut down or sanctioned by the authorities.

Here’s our advice. If anyone threatens you, your family or your property, tell them to leave your property or you’ll call the police. And follow up on the promise. These pushy salespeople only want to engage you in their hyper-aggressive sales tactics. Don’t respond.

These hyper-aggressive salesmen aren’t educating anyone. They hope you won’t stand up to them and their unethical sales tactics. They hope you won’t call the police on them. They hope you won’t file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office about their pushy, in your face methods. They hope you won’t ask them for their City of Albuquerque solicitor’s permit for any company selling products door-to-door. This permit also requires the seller to produce photo identification and a copy of their permit.

So you should. We encourage anyone who falls victim to these tactics to contact the police, the Attorney General’s office, and the Better Business Bureau. Here are the links to several consumer watchdog sites. Report these hyper-aggressive salespeople so that they get the message that you won’t be bullied anymore.

NM Attorney General: http://www.nmag.gov/consumer/file-a-complaint

City of Albuquerque Police Department: Call (505) 242-COPS or 911 if you feel your safety is threatened

City of Albuquerque: Call 311

Better Business Bureau: http://www.newmexicoandsouthwestcolorado.bbb.org/Home.aspx

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