Industry Trend: Verified Response on the Horizon

No false alarmsHere’s some shocking news for home and business owners who rely on their alarm system to bring the police when an intruder breaks in. Tight municipal budgets (like the bankrupt City of Stockton, California) have forced police departments around the country to respond to security alarm signals at homes and businesses only when there is verification of intrusion.

In fact, the City of Las Cruces is considering an ordinance in reaction to high false alarm rate – more than 99 percent of alarm calls reported there last year. Police said the cost to send public safety personnel to respond to those false alarms is an estimated $307,000 a year.

Checking on calls takes police officer time away from other important and higher priority calls, and costs taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars that just isn’t there anymore. That’s the message the incoming head of the International Association of Chiefs of Police presented at a recent security professionals’ conference. He’s going to push his police chief members to implement this policy. He wants third-party providers (like ART) to do alarm signal investigations instead. More than 30 cities in the U.S. have already gone to this system officially, while others have been using it unofficially.

This means that if your alarm system signals an intrusion, the police log the incident as low priority. Unless they hear from a real person – you, a neighbor, or a company like ART – that a break in is occurring, they don’t respond. Or the incident may be investigated eventually, when the police officer is in the area and has no higher priority calls. The response is not immediate.

Armed Response Team’s customers know they are ahead of the curve on this industry trend. They know that ART’s certified officers providing an immediate, armed and in-person response to any and all alarm calls. If an actual intrusion has occurred, ART officers call police immediately, providing a verified response to the alarm signal. Your safety is what matters with us.

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