One Focus. No Distractions.

FocusDid you know that Armed Response Team fields frequent requests to provide other security services? Like security guards, personal protection (aka bodyguards) and investigations? Yep, these opportunities surface regularly, because we’re in the security field, and all our officers are certified law enforcement professionals. Often, these opportunities present the ability to charge a lot more than providing home and business alarm monitoring and response.

But we consistently turn those opportunities over to other trusted and vetted companies. Why? Because your safety is paramount. We never want to be distracted from our promise of an immediate in-person response to your alarm. We never want our officers to be pulled in other directions. We never want to do less than an exceptional job for you, our customers.

Even though we are asked often to go beyond our sole, stated mission of providing an immediate, in-person response to burglar alarms, we don’t. We don’t have a security guard division, or a bodyguard division, and we’re not investigators. And will not in the future.

Our founders grew frustrated watching their officers juggle the demands on their time, resulting in alarm response times that could exceed one or two hours. To provide home and business owners with a guaranteed fast response to burglar alarms, they created ART to do that and only that. We chose our mission carefully, confident we could fulfill it exceptionally well.

Today ART has grown to be a leading security company in the Albuquerque area because of our single focus. If anyone tells you that you’ll get the same exceptional service and immediate, in-person response with another company, don’t believe it. We are the only company that is solely dedicated to providing an immediate, in-person response to burglar alarms. For 10 reasons to call ART now, click here.

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