Armed Response Team Merges With Select Security Systems

Armed Response Team is proud to announce that it has merged with Select Security Systems, another Albuquerque-area home and commercial security company. The name remains the same, and Select Security Systems staff in sales, technical and administrative support will continue to service its current customers under the new company name.

 “I was impressed by the ART model, and saw the value in enhanced service to our customers. We’re excited about the opportunity to offer Select Security Systems customers an even higher level of security service with ART,” says Michael Caldwell, President of Select Security Systems. Caldwell will remain with ART in a sales, customer support and product development capacity.

Bringing Select Security Systems expertise and staff into the company means that soon, ART will be adding fire alarm and suppression systems installation and monitoring to its service menu for businesses. ART remains the only Albuquerque dedicated to installing, monitoring, and most importantly, providing an immediate, armed in-person response to burglar alarms – both commercial and residential.

Watch for more about fire suppression and alarm systems, soon.

Security System Scam Hitting Albuquerque Neighborhoods

Beware of anyone coming to your door claiming to be there to upgrade your security system. They aren’t. They may be trying to sell you a different company’s system. They disable your current system, and without you asking for a change, they sign you up for a long term contract with another company.  The excuse they use is, “we are just updating your contract.”

These scammers have used the following tactics to gain access to your home:

  •  They say, “I’m here from Honeywell (or some other company), representing Armed Response Team, to upgrade your system.”

The truth: We NEVER use door-to-door tactics and won’t show up without an appointment. Honeywell is just a manufacturer of equipment, and they don’t have any direct sales people.

  • They say, “The crime rate in your neighborhood is way up, so we’re offering special deals to you and your neighbors to upgrade your security system.”

The truth: Armed Response Team doesn’t use scare tactics to market our services. Instead, we use our former Albuquerque Police Department Officers’ years of experience in knowing how burglars act to recommend a full-coverage security plan to protect you and your home or business right from the beginning.

If anyone shows up at your door using these tactics, don’t let them in. Instead, report them to the Albuquerque Police Department by calling 242-COPS (2677). These individuals are up to no good. Then call us at 237-2278 to let us know, too. And learn more about ART at

5 Questions to Ask Your Alarm Monitoring Company

Do you really understand how traditional alarm monitoring companies operate?  Here are five questions to ask your alarm company – and the answers you need to know.

  • Do you guarantee an immediate in-person response when my alarm is triggered?
    • NO. We depend on the police who give alarms called in by monitoring company the lowest priority.  In fact, monitoring companies are not allowed to call 911; they are given a separate telephone number.
  • When I am away from my home or business and you call to tell me that my alarm goes off, what am I supposed to do?
    • GAMBLE. You can risk:  doing nothing and find your home burglarized; asking a friend or neighbor to investigate (and their confronting a burglar!) or calling  the police and incurring a false alarm fine.
  • Who is responsible for my false alarm fines?
    • YOU.  Fines start at $150 after the third false alarm.
  • Why do you require long-term contracts?
    • TO ENABLE SELLING YOUR ACCOUNT.   I can sell your business to a national alarm company for approximately 30 to 40 times your monthly fee – but only if they have you under contract.
  • Will you give me any warning or choice if you decide to sell my business to someone else?
    • NO. The contract you signed gives me the complete authority  to sell your account to whomever I choose.

Remember:  Only the  Armed Response Team offers an immediate in-person response to your alarm, guaranteed no false alarm fines, and no long term contracts.

Attorney General Protects Consumers from Unfair “Automatic Renewal” Contracts

Good news for NM consumers! The Attorney General has published new rules which protect consumers from contracts that “automatically renew” without giving proper advance notice.

The Consumer Protection Division acted due to the large number of complaints received about health club, satellite TV, cellular and home alarm contracts.

The Armed Response Team never requires long-term contracts because we believe the customer should always be in control. However, we want all of our customers to be aware of this ruling in case you or someone you know get trapped by the fine print of an automatic renewal clause.

In summary, companies must now provide written notice to their customers 30 to 60 days before the contract automatically renews. This notice must be in clear, conspicuous “10 point” type – either on the first page of the monthly statement or by certified mail.

This new ruling went into effect on September 15, 2009 and has a number of other important protections. To read the full ruling go to: or call our office and we’ll be pleased to email it to you.