Fight Crime, Get a Free Month of Service

burglarIt’s no secret that crime is up. Especially property crime. Factor in the police and sheriff’s departments saying they don’t have enough cops and can’t recruit the right people to help protect the community. What do you get? A recipe for stress and worry.

There’s a bright side, though. ART customers have already shined a spotlight on safety. They know that their families, homes and businesses are safer because of ART’s immediate in person armed response to their alarm calls. Any calls – even those caused by the wind, animals or technology glitches (which fortunately don’t happen very often – and we guarantee no false alarm fines, ever).

So pat yourself on the back, and feel proud of yourself. You’ve taken steps to ensure you’re not at risk. ART and its certified law enforcement officers are the first line of defense around your property.

And here’s the even better part. You could get a free month of service from ART. Yep, simply refer someone to ART – a friend, family member, coworker, neighbor. When that person becomes a customer (be sure to remind them to give your name as the referral), you get a month’s service credited to your account. If you’re a pre-paid customer, your credit is extended for a month.

There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer or the number of free months you can earn. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone were as secure as you are?

Q&A with Roy Torres, ART Officer

Roy Torres, ART Officer

Roy Torres, ready for action

Our responding officers are the heart of Armed Response Team’s exceptional customer service. But rather than us telling you that, we thought we’d let one of our veteran officers share his story. Here’s our conversation with Roy Torres, ART Officer.

ART: How long have you been with Armed Response Team?

RT: Since shortly after the founding of the business, in September 2005.

ART: What did you do before you came to ART?

RT: I was a 20+ year veteran of the Albuquerque Police Department. I worked in Field Services, taking general calls – everything from shoplifting to homicide.

ART: How did you find out about ART?

RT: Two other officers I knew helped create the business, because of lengthy times for police to respond to burglar alarms. They saw a need to fill in the gap with an immediate, in person response. I was contacted by them and asked if I’d like to join the team.

ART: What appealed to you about working for ART?

RT: I had actually retired for 6 months and travelled a bit before I joined ART. I was only 38 when I retired, and liked the idea of the team concept – having 8-15 officers to work closely with. I also liked the very specific duties ART officers have. We go straight to the alarm call when it comes in. There’s nothing to distract us from the call – no drunk drivers, no domestic calls, or other calls that would take us away from the alarm call. We’re providing a service and catching bad guys.

ART: What’s the best thing about your job?

RT: I get to do what I was trained to do – provide customer service and catch bad guys. It’s rewarding for me to make the customer feel happy, secure and safe. Another thing is that it’s not an open-ended job – we see resolution with each call.

ART: Anything else you like about working at ART?

RT: Responding officers don’t troubleshoot alarm calls. The experienced, professional alarm technicians do that. But in the police department, you could get called out the same false alarms all the time, with no resolution. We guarantee no false alarm fines, because the techs really know their stuff.

ART: Tell us about the hiring process for officers at ART.

RT: ART gets the best of the best from the Albuquerque Police Department, because of their background in law enforcement. Of course, new officers have to be committed to the team concept. The hiring team has input on new hires, too. We know that we’re not here to lay around, but to do a job and be in law enforcement mode. As officers, we know where the other officers came from, too, so we trust each other.

All ART officers are certified law enforcement officers, and keep their training and certifications active. Customers trust us because of our extensive training, and that’s priceless. We can feel that when we speak to the customer.

ART: What are other benefits of keeping your law enforcement certifications active?

RT: There are many benefits. First, we keep in contact with current APD officers so that at calls, the police feel a camaraderie with ART officers. And we are able to keep in touch with retired officers if we have openings for new ART officers. We have confidence that all ART officers are properly trained, not overzealous or inexperienced.

Have a question for an ART officer? Want to find out more about ART’s armed, in person and immediate response? Call us at 505-237-2278 or email.

5 Questions to Ask Your Alarm Monitoring Company

Do you really understand how traditional alarm monitoring companies operate?  Here are five questions to ask your alarm company – and the answers you need to know.

  • Do you guarantee an immediate in-person response when my alarm is triggered?
    • NO. We depend on the police who give alarms called in by monitoring company the lowest priority.  In fact, monitoring companies are not allowed to call 911; they are given a separate telephone number.
  • When I am away from my home or business and you call to tell me that my alarm goes off, what am I supposed to do?
    • GAMBLE. You can risk:  doing nothing and find your home burglarized; asking a friend or neighbor to investigate (and their confronting a burglar!) or calling  the police and incurring a false alarm fine.
  • Who is responsible for my false alarm fines?
    • YOU.  Fines start at $150 after the third false alarm.
  • Why do you require long-term contracts?
    • TO ENABLE SELLING YOUR ACCOUNT.   I can sell your business to a national alarm company for approximately 30 to 40 times your monthly fee – but only if they have you under contract.
  • Will you give me any warning or choice if you decide to sell my business to someone else?
    • NO. The contract you signed gives me the complete authority  to sell your account to whomever I choose.

Remember:  Only the  Armed Response Team offers an immediate in-person response to your alarm, guaranteed no false alarm fines, and no long term contracts.