Three Ways to Combat Spam Text Messages

Anyone with a cell phone knows that spam texts are annoying, and they cost us money. We pay for the “privilege” of reading the junk and being exposed to potential scams. Even with unlimited texting plans, our cell phone can fall prey to electronic scammers. These scammers are hard to track and bring to justice because phones and phone numbers are easily changed. Cell service companies are working hard to improve spam filters, but we all know how quickly technology changes.

3 Ways to Combat Spam Text Messages

  • Forwarding spam texts to your cell phone provider at 7726 (SPAM)
  • Don’t respond to or click on links in the text message.
  • Ask your provider to block text messages that originate from the Internet. This will not block cell-to-cell spam, but it will help eliminate some unwanted messages. Find out more about how to do that by reading this from the New York Times.

And if you’ve found a great way to prevent cell phone text message spam, let us know by commenting here.


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