ART and Honeywell

Armed Response Team, Honeywell Authorized Dealer

Honeywell is the largest and most innovative provider of fire, intrusion, and home automation equipment in the world.  Year after year, they are introducing and improving well engineered and manufactured components and systems.

Out of the almost 12,000 companies who sell alarms, a small subset has been invited by Honeywell to be part of their Authorized Dealer program.  Armed Response Team is honored to be one of only 400 select dealers in the nation to proudly have this designation from Honeywell.  And, as a further honor in 2016, Armed Response Team is one of only 29 dealers in the country to earn the top designation as a Platinum Honeywell Authorized Dealer.

Why does this matter?  Unfortunately, the alarm industry is full of many companies that are “fly by night”.   They don’t have extensive training for their technicians, their sales staff could be just summer hires doing door knocking, or the dealer simply installs a bare bones system and immediately sells your long term contract to an out-of-state 800 call center.   None of these consequences are good for you, and for your peace of mind.

Insist on a Honeywell Authorized Dealer like Armed Response Team to professionally design, install, support and respond in-person to your alarm system.  You choose — in the end, this is all about the security and protection of your home or business. How much is peace of mind worth to you?