Home Security Services

Having a conventional monitored burglar alarm system — without the guarantee of an immediate in-person response — is a false sense of security.

Our local police agencies simply don’t have the manpower or time to response to false alarms. And with over 98% of all alarms coming in as false alarms, police are no longer going to respond to a non-verified alarm signal.

So, what happens when an intruder breaks into your home? Either they have all the time in the world to rob you blind, or maybe you take the risk of responding yourself and encountering a drug addled violent offender. These are both bad outcomes.

Founded by APD officers, and staffed by retired APD officers, Armed Response Team is the better and safer way to protect your home.

Security Assessment

Our service starts with a free and no obligation security assessment by one of ART’s Security Advisors. Your Security Advisor is trained to see your home or business “through the eyes of the bad guys.” Drawing on over 25 years of police experience and crime scene investigation, they will work with you to understand the security vulnerabilities of your home, and develop a proposal that will fit your needs and budget.

Please don’t become another crime statistic — like this actual call from a homeowner asking for help:

“While we were out at dinner tonight (7:00-8:45pm), someone used a crowbar to break in through our front door. They went through the house and took money, a new TV set, our new Blue Ray/DVD player, and two handguns. Other things may be missing, but at this point that’s all we know. It’s disconcerting to know that whoever broke in now knows what else is here….”

Armed Response Service

The Armed Response Team, founded by APD officers dedicated to your protection, provides an immediate armed in-person response for homeowners. When your burglar alarm goes off, our monitoring center dispatches one of our highly-trained veteran police officers. We don’t use “guards” or “rent-a-cops”.

Our officer personally inspects the entire perimeter of your home. If an intrusion has occurred, our officer secures the premises, calls the police, and detains any suspects until the police arrive.

After our officer finishes inspecting your premises, he calls our alarm monitoring station to tell them the area is now secured. Our officer then completes a full incident report and emails it to you, our customer.

Don’t Risk Responding To Your Own Alarm: Let The Armed Response Team Handle It!

Alarm Monitoring

The Armed Response Team includes professional alarm monitoring and in-person dispatch as part of our service. We are the ONLY company that can guarantee you’ll get an immediate in-person armed response to all your burglar alarms and you’ll never get fined for a false alarm.

We don’t strap you into a long term contract like most of the other alarm companies. Our service is month-to-month, right from the start. If we don’t do what you expect, you have total control over leaving our service, without any exit restrictions or financial penalties. Never allow yourself to be forced to sign a long term contract!

Alarm System Installation, Conversion and Maintenance

The Armed Response Team uses our own licensed, bonded, and experienced technicians to install and service both residential and commercial alarm systems. We never use piece work sub-contractors like other companies. When our technicians arrive at your location, they will be wearing an ART uniform shirt, and have a picture ID badge. You would never want just anyone to be in your home or business.

If you have an existing alarm system, we will utilize as much of your current system as possible. With existing functional alarms, we can often simply reprogram the system and immediately connect to our monitoring station.

If you don’t have an existing or functional alarm system, we will recommend and quote a system during our security assessment of your home or business. Once again, this could save you money by using much of the wiring and hardware already in place by upgrading the main alarm panel and keypad.

Home Automation and Internet of Things (IoT)

Our Security Advisors and Technicians are well versed in the latest technology to control your alarm system, lights, locks, thermostat, cameras, and other smart devices in your home. This new technology is already having an impact on our lives, and the more time goes by, the more this will be part of all of our lives.

We know which video cameras are well designed, and which are prone to problems. Our advice is free, even if you choose to go in a different direction. Cameras are very popular, but we only install systems with the quality needed to work well today, and into the future.