Just a few thoughts from those who value their safety and peace-of-mind:

October 23rd, 2013
“Thanks you guys.  Yup, I forgot to lock the front door.

It means a lot to me to have you watching my back.  And FYI – it may be
your sign in my yard – I just don’t know, but people around me have
problems, but I never do any more.  Neither does my daughter who also
has Armed Response and her neighborhood has gotten a lot of break-ins.”

We are both very grateful.
Leslie E

I should have known…
I was robbed last night.  APD responded quickly, and in conversation with the officer Armed Response Team was recommended.

This morning after no sleep, I honestly had no idea how horrific, and incredibly sad, having someone knock out your bedroom window and thoughtlessly rifle through your personal items and steal cherished family treasures is. I decided to call ART. The receptionist suggested scheduling an estimate this afternoon. I explained what had happened and asked if it was possible to have someone come sooner. Within half and hour Daniel G, was at my home.  He told me what I needed and I signed the contract. In between his arrival and departure I babbled, I cried, I recalled the stories behind things taken. I was treated with kindness, compassion and offered mindful guidance.

A few hours later, when I found a TV stashed under my deck waiting for the theft to come back and collect. I was terrified. I called APD and then called Daniel to see if we could schedule the installation sooner than the following Monday. He talked me through what to do in the moment, he said he would bump me up if there was a cancellation, and followed up twice this afternoon.

I really didn’t know how creepy burglary is, and wouldn’t have expected to feel so very, very vulnerable.

ART’s compassion, focus and insight have made me feel I will recover.  The experience of being robbed sucks.  Thank you for making these next steps a little bit easier.

Thank you,
Name withheld for privacy.

We have used other alarm companies in the past and we were very frustrated and disappointed with their service. We were referred to Armed Response Team a few years ago by a family member and it was the BEST decision we made when we transferred service to them. The customer service is remarkable and the service techs are helpful and always on time when we need sensors adjusted or moved. Daniel has been a great help over the last few years and we are looking forward to many more years with Armed Response.  Thanks for everything!

Sincerely, Tomas and Erica Jeantete

Dear ART,
I would like to let you know, how PLEASED I am with the GREAT response I receive from your officers in the field. They arrive very quickly to any triggered alarm that we have here at Silver Cloud Inc. Before, when we only used APD, it could be as long as an hour and a half for them to respond.

Thank you, Charles

I never had a monitored alarm system. Because of recent burglaries in the area I decided to sign up with Armed Response. During the first week after signing up, I set the alarm off. Forgetting that the alarm was monitored, I took my time turning the system off. Within minutes an officer from Armed Response appeared.  He verified that I was authorized to be on site. I now have peace of mind knowing that someone is coming to check my facility immediately when my alarm is activated. I have total confidence in Armed Response, because I saw the process in action.

Bob — Albuquerque

The Armed Response Team is the best company to make sure your home or office is safe and secure. Armed Response Team takes care of our office, warehouse, and yard as well as our home. If there is a security breach, Armed Response is there to take care of our property. We can feel safe and confident that our home and office will be well taken care of. We’ve used other security services in the past and they do not physically go out and check the property, all they do is call you and tell you your alarm went off and you get fined by the city for too many false alarms. Using the Armed Response Team to make sure our office building and home are secure is the best thing we’ve done to keep our properties safe and secure. Thank you so much Armed Response Team for taking care of us!

Liz Martinez, VP/CFO, Jack’s Mechanical Solutions,. Inc.

I just wanted say how much we appreciate our armed response team. They are always incredibly quick to respond to our alarms, so we never have a worry when we get a call from our alarm company. Thank you all so much for all of your help.

Reflections Funerals & Life Celebrations

Holly and I were very pleased with the response of your team and in particular with officer Larry Romero. Mr Romero was very conscientious, obviously concerned about our situation, and very thorough. He represented ARMED RESPONSE in a most commendable fashion. Indeed, you are right, the persistence involved converting to your company is now fully justified and my wife and I are most appreciative.

Dr. Bud

To: Armed Response Team
Fr: Dr. Craig
Department of Pediatrics at UNM Health Sciences Center
The service provided by Armed Response Team (ART) in Albuquerque, NM is top notch. I would give them my full endorsement. Their service model cannot be beat compared to other providers in the City of Albuquerque. We have been with the company for a few years. They helped set up our security system; they are excellent communicators.
We feel secure that when an alarm does go off, an officer comes out to the home to check the property. On rare occasion we’ve left a door open and the alarm is set off. They call me right away and send an immediate report of the incident to me via e-mail. It is reassuring that there is an armed officer that will respond immediately to our alarms right away.
We had a burglary recently. The officer responded immediately to the alarm and identified that there was indeed a break into our home. They immediately called the Albuquerque Police Department (APD). Since the employees are retired police officers, the response by the APD was impressive. The officer for Armed Response Team stayed with my wife and I, while the APD secured our home to insure the intruder was not inside. We had an immediate ART report the next day of the incident to include with our police report.

From frustrated victim of a home burglary…..
I don’t want to be a victim and why did I have to wait 90 minutes for a cop to come make sure the guy wasn’t still inside my house. The dispatcher tells citizens to go check inside themselves.  That is crazy, and I should not place myself at risk.  ART keeps me safe because they have the ability to bring police quickly to make sure my home is safe.  
Dave — Albuquerque